Planting Profits assists producers with critical crop production planning decisions.

Planting Profits helps producers decide how many acres of each crop to grow and which fields to plant which crops. Planting Profits is a new planning tool. There’s nothing else like. Planting Profits is not recordkeeping, but it turns your farm records into profit. Planting Profits will save you time, make you more money and help you to better manage farming risks.

Our innovative production planning software and on-line consulting service helps producers quickly develop and analyze production plans that maximize profit while managing marketing and production risks. It's way beyond recordkeeping. There's nothing else like it!

Our advanced farm planning software is available to you over the Internet. There is no software or hardware to buy or maintain.

Production planning software.
Use of our Planting Profits software is available to producers free of charge. We offer free customer support for quick calls and support packages for customers with greater support needs.

On-line farm planning consulting service.
We gather and enter required farm information into our Planting Profits software and work with you to develop alternative crop-acreage strategies.Then we work with you to analyze and compare strategies so you can select the one that is best for you.